La Montreux Jazz Academy a lieu durant la deuxième semaine du Festival avec, comme mentor et directeur musical, le trompettiste américain Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. Durant cette semaine de résidence intensive, de jeunes talents sélectionnés par le Festival bénéficient d’un véritable tremplin professionnel. En plus des workshops, conférences sur le music business et jam sessions, les élèves préparent un concert final, présenté le 11 juillet en première partie de Terence Blanchard.

La Montreux Jazz Academy accueille chaque année de jeunes musiciens qui sont sélectionnés par la direction de la Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation et du Montreux Jazz Festival en tenant compte de leur instrument, de leur virtuosité, de leur individualité et de leur capacité et leur désir de se confronter à de nouveaux défis. Ainsi, les jeunes musiciens retenus, le sont tant pour leur qualités personnelles que pour la dynamique du groupe, l'éventail de leur instruments, de leurs cultures et de leur expériences.

Directeur musical
Christian Scott
Jacob Collier
Wolfgang Flür (membre fondateur de Kraftwerk)
Un message du directeur musical 2019

Diriger cette année la Montreux Jazz Academy a été un plaisir absolu. L'Académie est exactement le genre d'opportunité que j'aimerais voir dans tous les espaces de l'éducation musicale. La vision et la vaillance de ses directeurs ne fait aucun doute. Leur volonté de construire un réservoir pour la pratique créative de la musique qui accueille TOUS les points de vue et qui cherche de nouvelles approches pour trouver un moyen de créer une musique qui rassemble réellement les gens est désespérément nécessaire. C'est pour le dire simplement "visionnaire". J'ai adoré chaque instant!


Ils ont expérimenté l’Academy 2019:


Natascha Agrama

I am the continuation of the karmic path to freedom paved by certain pop culture icons, Billie Holiday, Marylin Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone. I am here to hold their victories for the collective in the light as I stand strong as a female artist in this ever shifting world. I work to bring our footing further into freedom, equality, strength, honesty, and love. I’m here because of those women, and I want to be a doorway future generations can point to as one they reached elevated promised lands through. This is what I feel jazz music has been doing since the beginning; this is why I've made my home in jazz. 


Julien Dewaele aka Højde

I'm Julien DEWAELE, aka HOJDE, and I come from Lyon, France.
Self-taught musician, since 2016 I have been leading the solo piano/machines project called HOJDE. The compositions and themes played are based on the prepared piano, machines and field-recording, leaving a special place to randomness and improvisation, one of the components of Jazz.Through my compositions, I tell stories, musical, without words. 
And a story is never told twice in the same way.There is nothing more exciting than to transcribe a mood, a memory, an emotion, at one moment, through music, only music.This space of freedom, spontaneity, emotional release and transparency in creation, combining acoustic instruments and electronic machines, is for me one of the paths of tomorrow's Jazz. And I look forward to taking this path for a nice walk with the other musicians of the Montreux Jazz Academy 2019!


Diego Figueirdo

Brazilian guitarist Diego Figueiredo is a virtuoso with an infectious, joyful feeling that will leave you amazed and happy. Don't miss this opportunity to discover this incredible artist.  
Diego Figueiredo is an extraordinary fast rising star among the world's greatest jazz guitarists. His superb technique, timing and imagination have made him one of the hottest international names right now. He has a very unique skills and his concert have been a great success in more than 50 countries around the world.
He has already released 23 CDS, 3 DVDs and a book and he has received awards twice at the “MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL” as one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Diego Figueiredo performs one amazing concert uniting technique and emotion in a fusion of Brazilian music and jazz.
​Diego Figueiredo is a brilliant musician who keeps the tradition of the true essence of Brazilian music and at the same time can be extremely virtuous , modern and innovative.


Amaro Freitas

In the sweltering North-Eastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco lies the coastal city of Recife, where Amaro Freitas is pioneering the new sound of Brazilian jazz. Amaro began playing piano in church aged 12, under the instruction of his father, leader of the church band. As his natural talents became obvious, the young prodigy quickly outgrew his father’s instruction. He won a place at the prestigious Conservatório Pernambucano de Música but had to drop out as his family could not spare the money for the bus fare. Undeterred, Amaro gigged in bands at weddings and worked in a call centre to fund his tuition. The transformative moment came at age 15 when Amaro stumbled across a DVD of Chick Corea concert, “he completely blew my mind, I’d never seen anything like it but I knew that’s what I wanted to do with a piano”.
Despite not actually owning a piano, Amaro devoted himself to studying day and night – he would practice on imaginary keys in his bedroom, until eventually striking a deal with a local restaurant to practice before opening hours. By the age of 22 Amaro was one of the most sought-after musicians in Recife and resident pianist at the legendary jazz bar Mingus. It was during this time he met and begun collaborating with bassist Jean Elton and the pair went in search of a drummer. “We kept hearing about this crazy kid who was playing in 7/8 or 6/4, we knew we had to meet him”. Hugo Medeiros joined, and the Amaro Freitas Trio was born.


Federica Maglioni aka Frida Split

I'm Frida Split, my father was italian and my mother is croatian; I come from Ravenna (Italy), ancient capital of the Western Roman Empire.
I grew up in a family of musicians from various generations where Music is 'God'.
I do Music because I'm deeply in love with it.
Despite my academic musical studies, my approach to Music is natural, spontaneous and spiritual.
I don't consider myself as a jazz player, but I've always been attracted by the skill of great jazzists to explore, discover and build new forms and dimensions.
In my opinion Jazz has always been and always will be that ever evolving approach and attitude to Music that, more than any other, expresses that yearning for freedom rooted in every human being. 


Nicolas Stocker

Swiss drummer/percussionist Nicolas Stocker (*1988) has been recently called „A rising star in Europe“ by Downbeat Magazine. As a sought-after sideman and co-leader, of bands like Nik Bärtsch's Mobile, Areni Agbabian and KALI, he has been part of the international music scene for numerous years. He has played in some of the most important venues and festivals, such as NYC Winterjazzfest, Elbphilharmonie (GE), or Barbican Centre (UK). Furtermore he can be heard on the ECM records "Continuum" by Nik Bärtsch's Mobile and "Bloom" by Areni Agbabian. He now presents his first solo record "SOLO" in which he pushes the boundaries of contemporary classical music, techno and free improvisation. 

“I can relate to the term ’jazz’ in the sense that it is music which tries to push the boundaries of what happened before. Combining all sorts of influences, especially current ones, and the use of improvisation as a tool to explore new territories are the other two factors which define jazz for me personally."