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MJF Residency: Four magical days of encounters

Montreux Jazz Festival Residency 2023

In an atmosphere that was as intimate as it was electric, the residency’s activities played to full houses every evening. Organised for the 4th year running, the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation event attracted a curious audience keen to discover new music and enjoy genuine moments of sharing.


The Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation (MJAF) is a recognized non-profit foundation that supports the next generation of artists and encourages exchanges through the universal language of music. Founded in 2007, the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation pursues two core objectives: discovering and nurturing talented musicians in the early stages of their careers and making music accessible to all.

Year-round, the MJAF generates powerful discoveries and encounters through its artistic residencies, its cultural activities, and its talent-development programs.

Janelle Monáe
Talent Awards

Montreux Jazz Talent Awards

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Montreux Jazz Academy

Montreux Jazz Academy

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Mediations et concerts

Mediation & Concerts

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