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About us

Since its creation, the Festival has been both a world-class venue for musical giants as well as a springboard for new talents. It has always encouraged the mix of cultures and generations amongst the musicians and dedicated event where artists and audience could meet.


The Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation (MJAF), a state-approved non-profit foundation, has been passing on and putting into effect this vision since 2007. It pursues a mission for the artists as well as for the audiences: for the former, it aims to scout and promote up-and -coming talents and to support creativity and career development. For the latter, it introduces them to musical gems and makes music accessible to all. By maintaining a free access to cultural activities and concerts, the Foundation strengthens musical culture and live music outreach.

Part of these activities takes place during the Montreux Jazz Festival in order to give international musicians a broad visibility and audience. The other part takes place during the Montreux Jazz Festival Residency. This event combines a residency dedicated to artists during the day with a festival open to all in the late afternoon. It enables musicians to meet, exchange and create, while promoting themselves to the public in an intimate atmosphere. During the rest of the year, the Foundation organizes various concerts in Switzerland and abroad to promote the artists that we support.


  1. Supporting creativity and developing careers
    In an increasingly high-pressure music industry environment, we have designed collaborative residency and mentoring programs for up-and-coming musicians, named the Montreux Jazz Festival Residency. Through our blend of coaching and music immersion, we provide them with opportunities to progress in their careers.
  2. Discovering and promoting new talent
    The MJAF has the goal of discovering emerging talents on the music scene. Through our expertise in talent recognition and our network, we hand-pick musicians to perform at the Festival’s free venues and to join our residency.
  3. Sharing music with everyone
    With the aim of sharing music with as many people as possible and imparting musical culture, the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation offers exciting, free programming in a blend of concerts and outreach activities.
  4. Presenting musical gems to the greater public
    Each year we organize concerts to introduce the public to musicians we have fallen in love with, giving audiences the opportunity to get to know and appreciate them. Whether elsewhere abroad or right here in Montreux, these encounters are opportunities to draw wide attention to promising artists, in intimate or festive ambiances, resulting in unique musical moments.
MJAF concerts


Please find below the annual reports of the previous years to browse the various projects that we have organized and discover all musicians we have supported.



  • Chairman: Xavier Oberson
  • Vice-Chairman: Mathieu Jaton
  • Members: S.A.R. Julie de Luxembourg, Wendy Oxenhorn, Magali Van Overbeke Deconinck, Stephanie Rada Zocco


  • CEO: Mathieu Jaton
  • Secretary General: Viviane Rychner Raouf
  • Executive assistant: Nathalie Oguey
  • Programmers: Stéphanie-Aloysia Moretti, Claudia Regolatti Muller